Born Blissful is the place to come while you watch the unfolding miracle of your child. From conception through birth and all important stages after birth, Born Blissful was created as a guiding light to teach you, guide you and support you. Come here, learn about our courses and services and bookmark us. It takes a community to raise a child and it takes a place like Born Blissful to help you create that.

~Morgan Matthews

Natural Childbirth Education

This 12 week course focuses on educating parents about their childbirth options, common interventions, and possible complications. We cover topics including nutrition, pregnancy exercises, and relaxation techniques just to name a few. At the end of the twelve weeks parents walk away with tools needed to emotionally and physically cope with the demands of childbirth as well as the ability to make educated decisions about the care both mom and baby receive throughout their pregnancy, birth, and beyond. 

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Labor Doula Services

Awaiting the addition of a new baby to your family can be filled with excitement and joy, but may also bring about feelings of uncertainty. That is where a professional doula may be of benefit to mother, father, and baby. A Labor Doula is a trained professional hired by the expectant couple to offer support, education, and reassurance throughout pregnancy, childbirth, and immediately postpartum. The goal of the professional Doula is to prepare the expectant couple for labor and birth while instilling confidence in their ability to successfully welcome a healthy baby into the world. 

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